Marco, Italian nurse in Germany

Today we present you MARCO. A pleasant Italian nurse, singer and football player. He also started his adventure with us first in Civitanova Marche, then Germany. That’s what he tells us.
Why did I choose Germany?
Just graduated (2014) I realized that if I wanted to find a job as a nurse, Italy was certainly not the most suitable place. We know all the hiring problems in Italian hospitals, and then every now and then they open a ban and for 100 seats there are at least 10,000 people.
I honestly preferred to avoid unnecessary stress and I decided to look elsewhere.
I had conversations with rest homes and cooperatives in the area where I lived, but honestly for various reasons I gave up.
One day while I was surfing a job website (, I just came across an ad:
The advertisement said that I had the chance to work in Germany as a nurse and that if I did not know German, they would have made me attend a free course in 5 months in Italy and then straight to Germany to work.
From here I started my adventure for Germany.
There is no valid reason why I chose Germany, I think it was all a case, maybe if in the advert it was written: working in England or in Switzerland or France, I would probably be in one of these 3 nations.
Can language be learned in a few months? It’s a hard question. You can learn the language in a few months, if in those months you do whatever you can for German. Let me tell you better: if during the 5-month course of German, besides studying course books, you listen to German music, watch German movies, talk to your German-speaking friends, trying to make German a part of you, then in a short time, even in 5 months you can already speak a good German.
The intensive German course with Komalingua has given me strong grammar and writing bases of German, which are really important if you want to think that you want to learn a language seriously.
Once you have these strong bases, German will be learnt better on site. Speed, pronunciation, understanding everything that the Germans say, being understood 100%, thinking in German, are all things that only with time and day after day come. As an old proverb says, Rome was not built in a single day. Step by step you can get far.
To learn German you have to study, sweat, have great motivation, always believe in yourself, and still believe. Nothing is impossible!
How do I find myself in Germany today?
Very well. I work as a professional nurse in the largest hospital in Bremen, play football in a local team of the city, have the passion for singing and for music, I’m lucky enough to be able to do so many concerts. My greatest joy is that I met my present girlfriend here in Bremen (German).
Many friends and relatives ask me, Marco, but if they propose you work in a hospital here in our country, will you come back to Italy?
I always reply with the same answer: NO. In Italy I only come back for the holidays. Here I am so good ????
Advice to who is thinking about it: at this moment, the shortest way to find work as a nurse with a good, fixed salary and permanent contract almost immediately is not in Italy.
Here in Germany they seek nurses like air. Komalingua is practically the perfect means of getting here to work in German hospitals.
Joys will come for everyone!!! Commitment and study bring results, which will then lead to your goal: a contract with the hospital!
For any questions please contact me via email
Goodbye to everybody!!!
Marco Siesto

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