Greta, midwife in Germany

Today, for our section Italian Nurses in Germany, we present our friendly Greta, midwife. Here’s what she says to us:

-Why did you leave Italy?

I left Italy because unfortunately, the job prospects were not good. I did not want to resign myself to a future of public competitions around Italy, to compete with other 800 single-seat colleagues, precariousness and uncertainty.

-How was it for you to learn German?

Learning German for me was an amazing experience. During my life I always avoided German, preferring English and French, because it was not a language I was enthusiatic of. But learning it has given me a great deal of satisfaction! It was certainly tough and I still have to refine it today, but it has certainly been worth it.

-Is your job in Germany very different from Italy?

This is my first real work experience, excluding volunteering, so I do not have a real meter of judgment. Surely, there are pros and cons. I work in a very large hospital, so pathology and medicalization are two daily constants. But on the other hand, I feel much safer and more secure, doctors are always available and ready to help you in case of problems.


-What would your advice be for those who are reading us?

I recommend that you go headlong in this experience. I love my country and have spent moments of deep suffering and nostalgia in these months. However, I think I’ve grown so much, both professionally and personally. Living abroad makes you more independent, more reflexive and more tenacious. If I went back, I would do it a thousand times again!

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