Here is what Antonella told us, pediatric nurse in Germany:
I have to thank you for giving me the chance to live this unique experience, in this first period I found myself very well, my colleagues are very kind and friendly with me, they are helping me so much and they are always very understandable and available.
Germany is a beautiful country, I did not think I could settle down so soon, even if home will always be home ?
The language is not so simple, this month I do not know how many times a day I have repeated Bitte or Entschuldigung ? but I really like my department and I am very happy to have chosen this path and if I went back I would do it a thousand times again.
I would recommend this experience to anyone because in addition to finding a job and giving you economic stability, it strengthens and makes you grow a lot …. I still want to thank you for having let me all this.

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