Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

The University Clinic of Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg, in southern Germany) is one of Germany’s largest university hospitals. Many of our nurses work here in intensive care. This hospital also has a clinic which specialises in gynaecology and neonatal intensive care.

Frankfurt Klinikum

Klinikum Frankfurt:

The University Hospital of Frankfurt has 32 specialist clinics and more than 20 research centres. It also collaborates with the University of Frankfurt (Goethe-Universität).



The GPR Rüsselsheim centre is comprised of “GPR Klinikum” (577 beds), the “GPR Haus am Ostpark” care home for the elderly (185 places) and the GPR nursing team for outpatients. GPR Klinikum treats approximately 27,000 hospitalised patients and 75,000 outpatients annually. In this way, we are making a significant contribution to maintaining the quality of life in the Russelsheim/Main-Spitze region. We are a company that is close to the patient, we provide a friendly service and our doctors undertake practical training in collaboration with the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. In all of our centres, we offer a safe and forward-thinking place of work for almost 1,700 employees.



The Schön group has lots of clinics spread across the entire German state territory: Bad Aibling, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Fürth, Munich and Neustadt. These specialise in rehabilitation and orthopaedics, but there are also specialist clinics in neurology, cardiology and paediatrics.


Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil

Paraplegic Centre “Swiss Paraplegic Centro Nottwill”


Tilia-Altersheim in Ostermundigen (bei Bern)


Altersheim Rägeboge in Sigriswil


Alters- und Pflegeheim Kristall in Unterseen (bei Interlaken)


Luzerner kantonsspital

Resultado de imagen de inselspital bern

Inselspital – Bern

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